STAY PET HOTEL is Portland’s all-inclusive dog boarding hotel.

Stay Pet Hotel  offers a unique combination of services and features, such as overnight boarding in comfortable private suites, daycare 5 days a week, 24 hour supervision, and lots of indoor and outdoor play space. Our climate controlled, 8000 square foot facility has a large indoor play area, and we have over 8000 sq ft of securely fenced outdoor play space.  We also offer baths and nail trims, our WAGGIN WAGON mobile playgroup service, and beginning in 2017, we’ll be offering a kennel-free overnight boarding service.

Stay is located on NE Columbia Blvd, less than 10 minutes from PDX, and we have staff on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The dogs in our care are never left unattended.

Why STAY is THE place for your dog while you’re away:

  • A choice between kennel-free overnight boarding (coming soon!), or comfortable private suites.
  • Huge outdoor space with pools, sand boxes and play structures!
  • Lots of heated and air conditioned indoor play space, which opens up into our outdoor area! They have the choice to play inside or outside.
  • 24 hour supervision!


There’s a lot going on at STAY these days, but first things first… we’ve got a new website!!

The new STAY PET HOTEL website is modern, responsive, and easy to find your way around. It’s got lots of cool new features, like a live Facebook feed right on the home page, and a beautiful photo gallery that will be updated frequently. We’ll be adding a video gallery soon as well, so you can see your pups in action! Because the new site is so easy to update, we’ll be able to easily keep our customers abreast of any important news and information.

STAY’s new owners are Anne Graves and Michael Lauria, and you can learn more about them HERE, on our ABOUT US page.  Anne and Mike have been working to add some great new features to STAY starting with:


We’ve added 2 new overnight staff members to supervise the dogs.  This means your pups will have eyes on them 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

We’re in the process of installing high definition security cameras throughout the facility, to help ensure that our guests are happy, comfortable, and as safe as can be during their stay.

We have installed a brand new heating and air conditioning system in our indoor play room, so the pups can play comfortably all year round.

We will be adding some fun and sturdy new play structures in our yards as well as swimming pools, and custom made sprinklers for summer fun.


We will be offering extended daycare services. These include the options for either more time in playgroup with their friends or time in their personal suite for part of the day, based on the needs of your dogs.  We expect to have these services available in mid-November. Keep checking Facebook for more updates as the time approaches.

Dogs in playgroups will have access to our indoor as well as outdoor yard so they can play comfortably rain or shine.

We will continue to offer plenty of staff to supervise our playgroups and we will continue to evaluate new dogs interested in our services to ensure our pack remains safe and fun for everyone.

We will be streamlining the process for checking in dogs, reducing wait times and the amount of forms customers have to fill out!



Excellent customer service!

A genuinely caring and dedicated staff!

Pricing will remain the same for our daycare and boarding services at this time.

Hours of operation will remain the same at this time.

For any more information regarding upcoming exciting changes, please keep an eye on our Facebook page.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at


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